About Daemon Rowanchilde

Daemon Rowanchilde is an artist who is best known for his tattoo body art. He visions his tattoo art, his approach to tattooing and the tattoo process as a tool for vibrational healing and a realignment of the client’s energy blueprint or ‘soulprint’ with their physical body. Daemon uses tattoo art primarily as a spiritual tool to facilitate access to inner resources for healing and transformation, and as such, has built a substantial fan and client base. Over the years, Daemon’s works have garnered numerous national and international awards and increasing media attention.Daemon specializes in tattoos inspired by sacred geometry and ancient and indigenous cultures. He has also done a number of tattoos using the old tapping technique that was practiced before the invention of the electric tattooing gun. Exploring the tapping technique with his tattoo machine, Daemon found that this technique is easier on the skin, less painful and led to faster healing. It also allows both the artist and his clients to easily enter the “zone” or “flowzone” experience — a euphoric feeling of presence and timelessness — and to stay there for most of the session, while the controlled trauma of the tapping opens energy portals along meridians of the body that allows healing to occur. Daemon continues to develop his dotwork technique incorporating it into his sought-after style of tattooing — Energy Wave.

Daemon is also an accomplished painter, drawing inspiration from Middle Eastern and Indian designs, as well as sacred architectures, ornamentation and geometry in his paintings and tattoo designs. His artistic influences include Van Gogh, M.C. Escher, Buckminster Fuller, Andrew Goldsworthy, Chuck Close, Jay Bell Redbird, Halina Stopyra and sculptor Jon Anderson.


In 1986, when Daemon was a Fine Art student at the Ontario College of Art (now OCAD) in Toronto, his fascination with the portrayal of the human body in various media eventually led him to pursue a final-year independent study project on tattooing as art and design for the body. His project attracted the attention of local media who covered the story because it was the first time that a recognized art institute acknowledged tattooing as a legitimate art form.

Daemon’s practice began as an exploration of the contribution of tattooing to the aesthetics of the human body in motion. With time, Daemon became increasingly aware of the spiritual dimensions of permanent body design and its potential to affect the human energy field. This led to his exploration and experimentation with the immediate environment (setting) where his clients were being tattooed and its effect on the client’s mindset.

In the early ’90s, Daemon began to perceive parallels between his role as a tattoo artist and that of a spiritual midwife. Daemon was able to perceive his transpersonal tattooing as an energetic interpretation of a client’s unique, personal energy field with patterns reflecting Nature’s beautiful art forms, including sacred geometry, as well as the sacred art of ancient cultures, tribal and shamanistic cultures. The individual shapes of the patterns have an effect on the energy of the tattoo. Daemon called his signature style, Daemonic Energy Wave, which has since evolved into the present variations: Daemonic Tribal, Daemonic Fusion, Daemonic Japanese and Spiral Weaves.